Accent Reduction Tips

The English language has many consonant clusters which are often difficult to pronounce. The trick to pronouncing the consonant blends correctly is to release the two /three consonants almost simultaneously.  For example:

/pr/ - First , form the /p/ sound and at the same time form the /r/.  Second, release together, so that the two sounds of /p/ and /r/ sound like /pr/.  Many people make the mistake of releasing these two sounds separately and as a result the /pr/ sounds like puhr.

Let’s practice :

/pr/ sound: (devoice /r/)

practical (don’t say puhratical)
-release the /pr/ at the same time

prove (don’t say puhrove)
- release the /pr/ at the same time

price (puhrice)
– release the /pr/ at the same time


Practice the following words: promotion, prestige, precious, praise, practice, president, printout, program, pretzels, privacy, precise, precious, proofread.
/tr/- When making the t+r blends make sure that you anticipate the /r/ sound following the t. It is almost pronounced simultaneously.  The combination of t+r is pronounced like  chr.

Let’s practice:

(don’t say tuhree) –release the /tr/ like  a chr

(don’t say tuhrain) - release the /tr/ like  a chr

(don’t say tuhraffic) - the /tr/ like  a chr

Practice the following words: track (CHRACK), traction (CHRACTION), tractor (CHRACTOR), tradition (CHRADITION), trace (CHRACE), trouble (CHROUBLE)
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