Renovated hotel gets positive reviews

If the rise of social media has taught us anything, it is that we are all seeking more personal interaction in our lives.
Travellers journeying to Vancouver are no different.
Smaller is beautiful, and quaint is home – welcome to the Victorian Hotel in downtown Vancouver.
Boutique hotels like the Victorian have not only successfully carved out a niche in the competitive tourism industry; they are growing with every visitor and the positive word of mouth buzz.
And the big chains are struggling to keep up.
In the case of the Victorian, the hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city on Homer and Pender, has recently undergone extensive renovations.
The sense of luxury added by refurbished rooms and marble washrooms is delicately balanced by the heritage of the structure which has its roots in the gold rush era of the early 20 th century.
Visitors stay in the same rooms where rough and tumble miners, prospectors, wanderers, villains, and all sorts of Wild West characters once rested their heads.
In the hotel industry flush with gleaming towers of glass and steel, the Victorian offers a rare historical experience, especially for people seeking to connect with the locals and not brands.
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