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This year’s Opening Gala was held on March 19th at the Four Season’s Hotel which also featured the first fashion show of the week long event.
Having covered previous fashion weeks, I was very happy to see the improved visibility thanks to seat risers that permitted everyone in the second to fourth rows a much better view of the catwalk.
For all of us covering the shows, we were also delighted to see the showings were mostly on time and breaks kept to a minimum.
With each outfit that glided down the runway I saw unique touches, interesting details and some amazing craftsmanship.
VFW was really well organized thanks to a proactive group of volunteers this season.
As the week progressed, I noticed more and more people standing in line and subsequently watching shows from the balcony.
All in all, the Fall/Winter VFW 2013 show made for a really good event.
As a photographer and fashion spectator, I hope they have the same group of volunteers in September/ October!
On a personal note, this was a highly enjoyable assignment but it was extremely difficult to select 15 images to represent 36 designers and a minimum of 360 outfits!
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01:  This collection was amazing.  Each piece had details that caused everyone to take a second look.  She was definitely a crowd favorite. Designer: Mirae Kim Day 1
02:  One of several recurring themes was how she played with blazers.  Some had cut outs and others flared sleeves and one in particular had angular three dimensional puzzle shapes. Designer: Mirae Kim Day 1
03:  I don't watch TV much but I learned later that evening that the lively blonde that posed for group photos was Christine from the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Seen @ the Gala
04:  Sunday's line-up had several designers with simple collections and a fair amount of black.  The Well Groomed Collection was intricate and colorful.  The models couldn't help but twirl and let their scarves catch the air as they glided down the runway. Well Groomed Collection Day 5
05:  I met Amanda at a fashion show one week earlier.  Today she was modeling a backless dress for London based designer Xsenia-Olya. Seen @ the Gala
06:  Adoriana is a DJ but tonight she was spending time chatting with the designer at the Xsenia-Olya clothing rack. Seen @ the Gala
07:  Yasmine is wearing a lovely dress from Top Shop. Seen @ the Gala
08:  Mary (and Ilen and Marlen) asked, "Will you take our picture as we walk down the runway?"  How could I resist!  They were all wearing dresses from Herve Leger. Seen @ the Gala
09:  I frequently see Nicolette at fashion events.  I have yet to see her wear the same outfit twice!  For the Opening Gala she wore a latex (yes latex) jacket by designer Laura Jackson.  Her skirt is from H&M and her heels are from Zara. Seen @ the Gala
10:  In print this appears to be a yellow coat and patterned skirt.  However in person the detailed leather patterns were exquisite.  The audience gasped with delight when the model transformed the long sleeve into a 3/4 length sleeve by undoing several buttons. Designer: Hatice Ipek Tohumcu Day 4
11:  In print this appears to be a simple beige jump suit.  However in person the fabric was slightly sheer! Designer: Mirae Kim Day 1
12:  Belinda was scheduled to walk down the runway later in the week.  Soon she'll be moving to Toronto to further her modeling career.  She wearing a furry sweater vest over a cute sleeveless baby doll dress.  Seen @ the Gala
13:  Most fashion shows are filled with stylists and bloggers.  It's rare and refreshing to meet a fashionista that's NOT tweeting or poised to interview someone.  Michelle's jacket and pants are from Zara.  Her boots are from BCBG. Seen @ the Show Day 1
14:  Maxime is a blogger from Paris.  He's taking a fashion class in Vancouver and decided to attend a couple nights of Vancouver Fashion Week. Seen @ the Show Day 1
15:  The emcee said this was the designer's first show.  It was an impressive debut.  It was an amazing combination of theatrical presentation and creative designs.  The four models above had their hair braided together.  They inched down the entire length of the runway while the audience cheered! Dandilion Wind Opaine Collection Day 2
16:  Liona's Dennis Basso fur shrug also came from Timeline Boutique.  The sunglasses are from Guess. Liona Day 5
17:  Liona was my guest for the second time this week.  Special thanks for Timeline Boutique in Gastown for the sparkly gold "Naven" dress. The sexy strappy heels are Steve Madden's Realove. Seen @ the Show Day 5
18:  Sitting in the front row… Liona Day 5
19:  I love the creativity and special touches in this collection.  The placement of the buttons and way the pants leg has been constructed is unique.  I imagine this design will soon be copied… Designer: Gita Omri Day 2
20:  High collar, asymmetrical cut and the buttons have the same styling as the image to the left.  It's so unique I can't tell if it's a blouse or a cropped jacket!  Designer: Gita Omri Day 2
21:  I briefly met Zareen designer Cindy Xin at a Fashion Capsule media event a couple days earlier.  I had the opportunity to touch and feel her coats and jackets.  I really like the modern, chic silhouette of her collection. Zareen Collection Day 3
22:  Ivey is a blogger.  She has a classy sense of style.  Tonight she wore a sexy pair of Celine heels.  She's holding a see through Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. Heels & Purse on Day 2
23:  Britta is a blogger.  Her red beret and sweater caught my eye.  The very next evening she changed her look and appearance so much I didn't recognize her! Seen @ the Show Day 2
24:  Vancouver Fashion Week had a few nicely dressed gentlemen.  Bert's three piece suit came from Banana Republic. Seen @ the Show Day 2
25:  This was a sophisticated line with a few surprise touches. Designer: Theresa Chen Day 3
26:  Headed upstairs to the VIP lounge… Natalie Day 4
27:  Natalie was my guest.  She's modeled in fashion shows but this was her first show seated in the audience.  She's wearing a "Windsor" vintage dress from Bohemia Gallery on Main St.  She's also wearing a BB GG Paris jacket, Steve Madden heels and holding a BCBG Maxazria clutch. Seen @ the Show Day 4
28:  Sitting in the front row as guests are arriving… Natalie Day 4
29:  While so many winter coats and jackets are black and grey, the Zareen collection featured a variety of colors. Zareen Collection Day 3
30:  Liona was my guest.  This was her first fashion show!  She's wearing a Mackage coat, a violet "Evil Twin" mini dress and a sheer blue Sarah Rumell dress all from Timeline Boutique in Gastown. Seen @ the Show Day 3
31:  Smiling in the front row. Liona Day 3
32:  Caught in the moment. Liona Day 3
33:  Another sophisticated and stylish collection with clean lines. Luvon Collection Day 4
34:  Sunday's line-up had several designers with simple collections and a fair amount of black.  Jaya Misra's collection was intricate and colorful. Designer: Jaya Misra Day 5
35:  It's too bad the detail can't be seen in print.  The yellow jacket could be silk, the blouse is lace and the pants have a printed pattern.  It's really quite intricate. Designer: Jaya Misra
36:  This was one of her more colorful pieces.  The detail and craftsmanship of her line was incredible.  She seemed to blend Ukrainian ethnic motifs with current trends. Designer Roksolana Bogutska Day 4


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