Community Profile: Tamara Hombrebueno

By Janine Wong,
Special to The Post
Tamara Hombrebueno, a current Beedie School of Business undergraduate at Simon Fraser University (SFU), was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada when she was 8 years old.
As a proud Filipino, Tamara also appreciates the diversity of Canada and says that studying in Vancouver has allowed her to develop more of a global mindset. And as an SFU Beedie Ambassador, Tamara was chosen and trusted with representing the SFU Beedie School of Business at networking events with business professionals in the local Vancouver area.
On a more global level, Tamara has been able to represent Vancouver and SFU at both National and International conferences. Tamara is currently the President of the SFU chapter of AIESEC. As the largest-student run organization in the world, AIESEC facilitates work and volunteer exchanges for students in hopes of building cultural understanding and developing a global mindset in the youth leaders of tomorrow. 
Having never had the opportunity of being responsible for such high stakes, Tamara says that being President of AIESEC SFU this past year has been “the most intense, life changing experience of [her] life.”
Getting the opportunity to lead a large team and create a vision for the SFU chapter of the organization has allowed Tamara to gain the skills and knowledge she needs to succeed in the current workforce.
By leveraging her university experience through her role as Beedie Ambassador and President of AIESEC SFU, Tamara has built a large professional network, the type capable of helping her land a job right out of university.
In fact, Alex Juy, former AIESEC SFU President and Tamara’s former boss, describes Tamara as “passionate in what she loves, a determined leader, and an inspiration to future generations.” 
Tamara Hombrebueno is a true example of the impact studying and living in Canada can make on youth looking to find a job in the future.
Her one piece of advice? “Don’t be afraid and don’t wait. Whether it’s studying in a new country or taking on more of a leadership position in a volunteer organization, step out of your comfort zone and just do it!”
Janine Wong is a Beedie School of Business Undergraduate and the current Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AIESEC SFU. To find out more about taking on an intern or going abroad with AIESEC SFU, visit or follow on twitter @AIESECsfu.

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