Fashion Profile: Ross Victoriano/ Darius Tuliso

Fashion Profile
For more information on either designer, contact via Vancouver College of Art and Design:
Ross Victoriano
Born in the Philippines, Ross Victoriano moved to Vancouver to follow his passion in fashion design. With the support of his family and friends, Ross just recently graduated from college. He has been chosen as one of the 11 graduates from Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) who will showcase their collections at their annual fashion show. Created for women, Ross’ most recent collection was inspired by shaolin monks.
Darius Tuliso
Darius Tuliso is a local fashion designer who has recently graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design. Since graduating this past year, he has gone on to showcase his designs at various fashion shows and launch shows such as RAW:Vancouver.
He describes his style as “eclectic [but] can adapt to various types of art direction”. His most recent collection, which was designed for women, was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.
Finding success in the local fashion scene, he will now showcase his most recent designs at the annual VCAD fashion on November 19th.


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