Jacky’s Kitchen a star in South Vancouver

Jacky’s Star Chinese Kitchen
5794 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC  V5P 3W7
 604-428-3268   |  Hours: 10am-7pm
By Monique Koningstein
Special to The Post
Alan Zheng and his partner, Diane Chang, childhood friends, grew up in their native town of Canton China.
Now business partners, they opened Jacky’s Star Chinese Kitchen restaurant in October 2013 on Victoria Drive.
Jacky has over 30 years of experience in the art of Chinese cooking. He expresses gratitude to his father Lin Zheng, who taught him how to cook as a little boy.
He remembers his father as a very famous chef. Although Lin did not have his own restaurant, he filled rental halls with big parties of over 100 people who booked well in advance to enjoy his Cantonese cuisine.
Alan relates, “I like to manage a restaurant but I am not a boss!”
However, despite this statement, he has owned and operated two restaurants prior to Jacky’s Star – Lee’s Kitchen in Burnaby and Fortune Happiness on Fraser Street.
In between businesses, he worked for other restaurants in Canada to gain more experience and to be able to spend more time with his wife and two children who are now both over 25 years old.
Alan came to Canada in 1983 and loved living here from the start.
People are friendly and life in Canada was simpler.
He believes he can be successful on Victoria Drive as long as he has an edge.
Jacky’s Star offers unique dishes like the Halibut in premium soya sauce and deep fried special spareribs. Alan offers a free soup to those who eat in.
He also goes to market daily to buy the freshest ingredients and offers very reasonable opening prices for his specials, regular items and party trays.
In the end, he confidently stated “to keep your customers happy, satisfied and loyal, you must work hard and give your business your best all the time.”
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