Sidewalk Runway: Year in Review

It’s amazing how quickly 2014 arrived. When I reflect on 2013 there were many wonderful achievements and a few challenges. I attended lots of fashion shows. Some were large like Vancouver Fashion Week and others were small and private. I provided Asian Pacific Post with approximately 200 images. The more events I attended, the harder it became to edit and deliver photos. I met lots of wonderful people and managed to remain connected with a few.


Vancouver remains a casually dressed city. So it’s a rare treat when I spot someone stylish dressed. It’s even more exciting when I have a chance to photograph them and inquire about their outfit. Incidentally, not everyone wants to be photographed.


Today’s photos are part of my blog’s Vancouver’s Best Dressed 2013 post. My site features several dozen of photos showing fashionable clothes, events, hair styles, shoes and even smiles. I even wrote original Haikus to introduce each section. I hope you’ll take the time to visit next time you’re online.



Photo caption:


01:  January 2013 - I LOVE Yuan Yuan’s outfit: Three bold colors, burgundy, black & white AND a furry vest worn with a fuzzy sweater!


02: March 2013 - I like how the grey and brown plaid pattern of Evan’s slacks matched his jacket, bag and shoes.


03: May 2013 - I liked JiYoung’s smile,  layered skort (skirt + short) and lace-up heels.


04: December 2013 - I like Eli’s leather coat.  His scarf was a gift and his boots were custom made when he was vacationing in Mexico.



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