Sherman's Food Adventure: Rama Sweets and Restaurant

Sherman Chan
Special to The Post
Anyone who knows will tell you, Indian food made at home is going to be better than eating out. 
But I can't recommend a friend's house as the best Indian food in town (unless they want random visitors), so continued my food adventure down to Scott Road in Surrey, which brought me to Rama Sweets and Restaurant.
We ordered three dishes at Rama. The Butter Chicken was pretty good. The consistency was thick and creamy, and the dollop of ghee on top added to the richness of the dish. There was a nice balance of flavours with the tomato balancing out the cream with just a hint of tartness. To top it all off, there was a slow rumble of spice to go along with the tender chunks of chicken.
Unfortunately, the Palak Paneer was not nearly as successful. First of all, it was not even lukewarm. Second, there was only a modest amount of paneer. Lastly, the sauce itself was overly mild, bordering on bland.
Our favourite of the three dishes was the Lamb Vindaloo. An explosion of flavours, there was a noticeable level of spice, which hit on the first bite and lingered past the last. The amount of onions added a caramelized sweetness to accent the ginger and vinegar surrounding large tender chunks of lamb. Of course we ordered Naan as well, and it was good. Crispy on the bottom with nice blistering, while the rest of the naan was soft and chewy. 
With the exception of the palak paneer, everything we had was pretty good. Not bad for a little place hidden in the corner of a strip mall.
107-7028 120 St, Surrey   |  604-590-8821
The Good:
• 3 out of 4 items were well-executed
• Friendly people
The Bad:
• Didn't like the palak paneer
• Place is small and a bit dingy
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