Vancouver designer eyes global market

By Zara Durrani, 
Special to The Post
As a child, Jeeti Pooni was mesmerized by the glamorous clothing and jewelry worn by Bollywood actresses. The same romance and colours of cinema are infused into her line of luxury and couture shawls, aptly named, To Desire.
“I instantly fell in love with the detailed clothing, jewelry, singing, and dancing,” says the Vancouver-based designer. “This exposure to silk treasures allowed me to go into an imaginary world where my blanket became my elaborate sari. Other movies like Romeo and Juliet, Gone With The Wind and Cleopatra drew me into another sort of fashion world. I would play for hours in pretend saris and gowns, entering different eras of the Maharaja, Victorian, and Elizabethan periods.” 
At the age of 12, Pooni learned how to use a sewing machine and began designing and sewing her own clothes, a passion she has translated into her work. “In 2006, I created an exclusive collection of hand-crafted luxury shawls embellished with 22 karat gold, silver, and precious and semi precious stones including rubies and uncut diamonds.” 
Pooni has a specific woman in mind when designing the creative shawls. “The woman who wears To Desire shawls is stylish, confident, loves to feel beautiful, sophisticated and unique. She is a trendsetter who loves luxurious fabrics and rare embellishments, appreciates fine detailing, admires handcrafted art, and loves to travel.” 
To Desire is now expanding internationally into Dubai, London and the US. “We are honored and excited to grace the shoulders of women around the world who appreciate being unique, love luxurious fabrics, and embrace exclusive handcrafted art.”
Although the life of an entrepreneur can be challenging, Pooni believes that commitment is the key to success. “If you are only partially committed, the results will be partial. Who wants partial success? Only venture into something you love. Every entrepreneur goes through tough times; you will be able to put up with the tough times if you love what you do.
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