Insulin pumps needed for all diabetics

Until early this year, B.C.'S PharmaCare program covered insulin pumps for people with Type 1 Diabetes up to the age of 18. In February, the provincial government announced that coverage would be extended up to the age of 25 for those meeting certain criteria.
It is estimated that 19,300 British Columbians live with Type 1 Diabetes, including more than 2,650 young people aged 19 to 25. A petition by a group of local concerned citizens is urging the BC government to increase funding to help all British Columbians receive the care they need.
This petition asks the BC government to cover the cost of insulin pumps for people of all ages, including seniors, affected by Type 1 diabetes. The petitioners assert that by funding insulin pumps for those that cannot afford them, the BC health care system will save $5.3 million per year by 2032. 
At least 3,000 individuals need to sign the petition before it is sent to Health Minister Terry Lake and Health Critic Judy Darcy. 
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