The $2.85 hamburger cart

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post
The mysterious $2.85 hamburger cart has been making news in Vancouver. It’s probably the best deal you will find for a cheap, delicious and quick lunch.
My coworkers and I came to the food cart at 11:45 a.m. and there was already a line forming. The wait wasn’t too long, but come early to beat the rush because by noon, the lines get very long. 
The cart offers simple options: a hamburger for $2.85 or a cheeseburger for $3.50 (cash only). You order at the side of the cart, they give you a number and you begin your wait for your meal.
Verdict: The cheeseburger had a lot of lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, teriyaki sauce, cheese, and a beef patty on a toasted white bun. The patty was flavourful. It’s a very good burger at a very good price. 
We Rate $2.85 Hamburger Cart: 3.5/5
Located at Granville and Pender Street in 
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