Democracy in Hong Kong

The fate of Hong Kong’s democratic government remains unclear as electoral reform remains a hot button issue in the region. 
Hong Kong maintains close trade, economic, cultural and family ties with the United States and Canada, and as a result there is international interest in Hong Kong and the success of the ‘one China, two systems’ model of governance. The city currently allows residents civil liberties such as free press and freedom of assembly, which are not permitted in Mainland China.
In response to invitations from the Asia Society/New York and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Mr. Martin Lee, founding chairman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, and Mrs. Anson Chan, former chief secretary, are jointly participating in a series of speaking engagements with respected think tanks and briefing sessions with the press and community groups. Cities included in this visit are New York, Washington, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Chan will visit Vancouver from April 10 to 12, 2014 as part of a 2-week long US and Canada trip.
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