Coffee and pastries at Faubourg

By Diana (,
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Another rainy Vancouver day meant lead to an afternoon out friends to indulge in coffee and pastries. We were close to Kerrisdale, so we decided to visit Faubourg, a French bakery known for great coffee and pastries. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and all the seats were occupied at 3:00 p.m. 
Small Cappuccinowas what I like to relax with. Surprising since caffeine is a stimulant. It was a good cappuccino.
Tiramisuis made up of ladyfingers, Mmascarpone cream, and blackout cake as a base. It was alright, but I wasn’t too impressed.
Chocolate éclair is baked to perfection and filled the French way, with chocolate pastry cream and finished with chocolate fondant for a bit of added sweetness. It’s a decent size and pairs nicely with coffee.
Overall, a good Saturday spent with friends indulging on treats and sipping on coffee.
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