Wokking in Style: Chinese Master Chefs’ Shine In Vancouver

On April 23, an unprecedented culinary collaboration took place at the Chinese Master Chefs’ Gold Medal Dinner. Five internationally acclaimed chefs from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, joined forces with four local Chinese Master Chefs and two celebrity guest chefs to create an elaborate feast at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.
“It took the team more than two years to search for the right gastronomic elites outside of Canada to be part of Chinese Master Chefs,” said Craig Stowe, Chinese Restaurant Awards’ Founding Director. “We are honoured to have the culinary heavyweights coming to Vancouver and working with the Chinese Master Chefs in an event that strengthens the ties between China and Canada.”
Each chef created his masterpiece using some of Canada’s finest ingredients, including Alberta Beef, Northern Divine Caviar, and Fraser River white sturgeon. The all-star team included executive chefs Huang Wuhun (a member of Commanderies Cordon Bleus de France), Mok Kit Keung (two Michelin stars), Lau Yiu Fai (one Michelin star), Joseph Tse (“The Best New Restaurant in 2012: Hotel Tables”), and Wu Wenbin (one Michelin star). The Vancouver Chinese Master Chefs’ collaborators were no strangers to the culinary spotlight and creating refined Chinese cuisine. The local chefs included executive chefs Andy Lau (Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant), Tony Luk (The Jade Seafood Restaurant), Ming Yeung (Bamboo Grove), and Anthony Leung (Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant).
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