Unique Jobs Program Helps Filipinos In Canada

Filipinos workers are known for their strong work ethic, willingness to go beyond the call of duty and excellent English communication skills – all of which make them valuable to Canadian employers. HRPC Training’s programs allow these employment opportunities to be grasped by Filipinos. 
For the past eight years, HRPC Training and Accreditation Assistance Centre, Inc. has provided Filipinos with the opportunity to achieve their dreams of living, working and studying in Canada. 
Built upon an unwavering commitment to the highest ideals of honest and ethical consultation and training practices, HRPC Training has now partnered with Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. to provide officially sanctioned certification programs to prepare students for hotel and restaurant positions in Canada.
HRPC Training offers certification programs in a variety of areas within the hospitality and food service industries and certification programs are currently being developed for a variety of skilled trades. This unique program enables graduates to be considered for some of the best opportunities that Canadian employers have to offer. 
Within the Philippines, Recruitment Solutions International Ltd., teaches the Emerit certification program – the Canadian standard for teaching in the hospitality industry. This program combines classroom instruction, standardized invigilated examinations and on the job work experience.
At the same time, HRPC Training also developed a program for Kitchen Helpers through the assistance of a Canadian curriculum developer. This program is specifically geared towards those starting a career in the kitchen operations of hotels and restaurants, and combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the job. This unique experience includes classroom review and discussion, while practical classes are lead by affiliate culinary schools. On the job work experience is completed with accredited hotels and restaurants.
For more information on HRPC Training’s programs, contact:
In Philippines:
HRPC Training and Accreditation Centre, Inc.
Telephone: (632) 724-8601
In Canada:
Recruitment International Ltd.
Telephone: (800) 353-6687
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