Brightest minds competition at Playland

How does gravity keep you in your seat while you’re upside down on the Enterprise? What is the potential energy of the Corkscrew at the top of its first hill? 
On Tuesday April 29, twenty-four two-person teams of Physics 11/12 students from across the province ventured to Playland at the PNE to use some of the parks biggest rides as real-life case studies in the 2014 BC’s Brightest Minds critical-thinking science competition. 
Each team was given a series of physics problems related to the Playland rides, along with the necessary tools to complete the problems, and exclusive early access to the park. The students then set out on a half-day, head-to-head battle, vying for the title of BC’s Brightest Minds. A renowned team of expert educators from the UBC Physics department once again teamed up with the staff at Playland at the PNE to formulate the questions, as well as monitor and judge the competition. The winning team took home $1,200.
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