Naveen Girn seeks park board nomination

Naveen Girn will seek the Vision Vancouver nomination for Vancouver Park Board. The former Vision Vancouver board member and chair of outreach has an extensive background in community organization, consultation and outreach. Girn is a member of the City of Vancouver Public Art Committee and currently works as an independent curator and community engagement specialist.
“As Park Board Commissioner, I will apply my experience in intercultural engagement, education and community outreach to foster dialogue on issues that affect us on a daily basis: city parks, community centres, and creating a sustainable environment for future generations,” says Girn.
Naveen has worked with diverse cultural and arts communities in the city. In 2010, he researched and co-curated the award-winning exhibition at Museum of Vancouver, which connected intergenerational and intercultural stories. Naveen has spoken on topics around reconciliation, historical engagement, community outreach, and the story of Vancouver.
“I believe in the idea of Vancouver, that the city can be a welcoming place for new immigrants, but also shaped by their diverse voices and experiences.”
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