Restaurant review: Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post
Have you ever tried a dosa? If you've never had one, I don't blame you because there are not a lot of places to get one in Metro Vancouver. Most people associate Butter Chicken, Naan and Tandoori Chicken as representative of all Indian cuisine. However, those foods are specific to the Punjab region in Northern India. Dosa is a fermented lentil flour crepe mainly found in the south of India.These light and crispy crepes are often stuffed with a variety of fillings.
My friend ordered the Potato Curry Dosa, served with sambar (a type of soup-like dal) and coconut and ginger chutneys. Unlike our last visit, when the dosa was thick and chewy, this one was thin, light and crispy. Unfortunately, it was sparsely filled with a mild potato curry, and the dosa needed more of the almost non-existent curry.
I started with an order ofPaneer Pakora. These cheese patties were coated with a thick chickpea flour batter, which was crunchy and not heavy.It provided a nice textural contrast to the soft paneer. The accompanying tamarind chutney was tart and only semi-sweet, with a hint of fennel. I was only going to eat two, but ended up eating four, which was not a good idea because they were soaked with oil. Second, I tried the Palak Paneer, which had more vibrant green spinach than cream. We didn't mind this, but it was very light and watery, and bland too. The result was not the typical richness that we were used to wit Palak Paneer. When at Mayuri, stick with the dosas, but order two because you might need it to be full.
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Mayuri Indian Cuisine
102A – 2677 80th Avenue, Surrey
The Good:
• Light and crispy dosas
• Okay pricing
The Bad:
• Not enough filling
• Stick with the dosas
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