Crepes and tea at Moii Café

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post
Who doesn’t love crepes? Located on Cambie Street in Vancouver, Moii Café is a popular spot with local university students looking for a nice place to study. 
The interior is cozy and homey, and there is space to study alone or with friends. I visited Moii Café recently with a friend for a quick lunch and chat about work and life. 
Moii offers a variety of savoury and sweet crepes, although some items are only available seasonally. There are also hot and cold drinks available. I tried the Cold Honey Green Tea ($3.75) which is pretty standard drink. I found it was a bit sweet, but it pairs nicely with the savoury crepes. The Cold Lychee Green Tea ($3.75) has a distinct lychee taste. It’s very good if you like the taste of sweet lychee.
Next, we tried the Terimayo Crepe ($9.50) which has chicken, bonito flakes, cheese, okonomi sauce, pepper, mayo, and wasabi. It’s not spicy and we both enjoyed it.
The Cheesecake crepe ($8.50) comes with ice cream on the side. The crepe has a slice of cheesecake inside, wrapped in the crepe and topped with honey and powdered sugar. The cheesecake is chopped up and the distribution of it inside is not consistent. It tasted okay, but we preferred the savoury crepe.
Overall, it’s a nice spot to meet with friends during the day. WIFI is available too. 
We rate Moii Café: 3/5 
2559 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
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