Filipino women’s conference in Vancouver

The Philippine Women Centre of BC’s (PWC-BC) will host a one-day conference, “History, Rupture and Continuity: Creating and Nurturing Our New Path,” onMay 31 in Vancouver.
For over two decades, PWC-BC has been educating, organizing and mobilizing the Filipino Canadian community and building alliances with various groups and individuals. The community’s new path of genuine settlement and integration are encompassed in the continuing need to address the community’s major issues of: overcoming economic marginalization, combatting systemic racism, making the youth count in Canada’s future and enhancing women’s equality, human rights and genuine development.
By highlighting the particular experiences and histories of the Filipino Canadian community, the conference’s panel speakers, discussions and cultural performances will be tantamount to a step towards a new path in the community’s struggle for genuine settlement, integration and full participation in Canadian society.
Through a sharing of previous academic collaborations and the background history of PWC-BC, the first half of the conference will highlight how addressing these issues as part of the overall working-class struggle serves as a contribution to the Canadian history. In the second half, the particular struggles of workers, women and youth in aspects such as education, immigration, employment and more converge as part of the community’s overall struggle for genuine settlement and integration and as part of the working-class in Canada. The conference will be followed by a solidarity night filled with cultural performances on the day’s themes.
The one-day conference takes place on May 31 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the YWCA Vancouver. Registration is $20; unemployed and students $10 (includes meals and materials). Register at
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