BC poised for major role in LNG market

B.C.’s second international conference furthering the prospects of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports set a new record for an industry-focused event in the province.
“This is a generational opportunity to build an LNG industry, to create jobs for British Columbians and a prosperous future,” said Premier Christy Clark. 
“We’ve seen incredible progress over the last few years and this conference was another clear sign of how close we are to making it all happen.”
This year’s event was a sold-out success with over 1,400 delegates attending the three-day showcase titled Powering a Strong Economy: British Columbia's LNG in the Global Market. Industry proponents, international investors, and major suppliers were present. Provincial government officials, local communities, First Nations leaders, academics and local communities participated in 14 engaging panel sessions focused on furthering B.C.'s LNG growth.
At the conclusion to the event, the Province of British Columbia announced it will host the event for a third time October 14-16, 2015.
“This conference was largest of its kind in our province - it clearly demonstrates our commitment to building an LNG industry here in B.C.,” said Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman. “We look forward to bringing all the interested partners together again next year.”
The 2014 conference showcased B.C.’s competitive advantages, including the province’s reliability and stability, and provided delegates with the opportunity to participate in key discussions on developing the LNG industry in B.C.
The 14 panel discussions this year focused on making B.C. a globally competitive jurisdiction, financing LNG, First Nations and community partnerships, maintaining strong environmental standards, and building a skilled workforce to meet LNG demand.
A trade show was added to the event this year, providing B.C.-based businesses and international companies with an opportunity to connect with industry proponents.
An interactive career experience was also on display for youth from all across B.C. who participated in an interactive seminar showcasing the skills and trades training required to find a long-term career in B.C.’s growing natural gas sector.
With 13 LNG proposals currently on the table, British Columbia is poised to be a player in the global LNG market. Development of the industry will result in unprecedented economic growth and has the potential to create more than 100,000 jobs.
The conference was held just as Russia and China announced a massive gas deal.
Stewart Muir, executive director of Resource Works BC said the deal has the Chinese opting for security of a higher, stable price while Russia gains the ability to make long-term capital investments with the same stability at its end.
 Most estimates indicate that profitability for British Columbia LNG projects requires a price greater than $10 per unit. Australian LNG producers have locked-in contracts with Japan in the $15 range. India is paying nearly $14. European markets have long-term contracts between $10 and $11.
 “So the new Russia deal shows that natural gas remains a highly valued commodity. Alone, it comes nowhere close to satisfying overall Chinese demand. As well, China is not the only Asian nation in need of natural gas. Predictions that the Power of Siberia deal means other foreign gas sellers like Canada can forget about the China market are not well supported by the available facts,” he said.
What they are saying about LNG in British Columbia
Jeff Lehrmann - president, Chevron Canada:
“Kitimat LNG has the potential to be the first LNG project of scale in B.C. and we recognize the efforts of the B.C. government to establish a vital new industry that will benefit all British Columbians. The B.C. LNG conference offered an opportunity to share how the proposed Kitimat LNG project will create an enduring legacy through our unique partnerships with First Nations, our commitment to contributing to strong communities, creating skills-training and employment opportunities and above all, protecting people and the environment. Chevron and Apache look forward to bringing this vision to reality as we work together with government and our partners on this exciting new venture.”
Madeline Whitaker - vice president, BG Canada at BG Group:
“BG Canada was delighted to be part of this year's LNG conference as a sponsor and exhibitor, and to lend our voice to the many positive panel discussions. This year's conference has demonstrated once again what BG firmly believes: that B.C. has the potential to be a globally important supplier of LNG and that done responsibly, it will bring benefits to the whole of B.C.”
Andy Calitz - CEO, LNG Canada:
“This conference was timely given the competitive pressures B.C. faces to establish the LNG export industry while balancing the interests of a diverse group of stakeholders - communities, First Nations, proponents, government and non-governmental organizations. The provincial government’s support, determination and willingness to facilitate interaction and create a forum where we have the opportunity to learn from one another, identify challenges and find common ground, is crucial to the development of the LNG export industry in B.C. I congratulate the government for another successful LNG conference.”
Greg Kist - president of Pacific NorthWest LNG:
“Discussion and dialogue are integral components in building a successful LNG industry here in British Columbia. The LNG in BC Conference was a tremendous opportunity for British Columbians and industry leaders to gather, share information and ultimately, raise the level of discourse on the LNG industry here in B.C.”
Chief Ellis Ross - Haisla Nation:
“It's clear to see from the size of this conference that interest has exploded for B.C. LNG. We're ready for it: we're co-operating directly with the province, and we already have examples of regulatory reconciliation happening on the ground. An event like this helps to make our relationships with government and industry stronger.”
Lucy Praught - community business development liaison, EllisDon Industrial Services Inc.:
“With the opportunity LNG presents it's essential that our students understand the value of investing in themselves through a foundation in education and engaging in the conversation of energy. When we learned that there would be a youth component to the conference we never second guessed that we wouldn't bring kids down from the right of way communities. Many thanks to Premier Clark and her team as they rose to the occasion in making this opportunity possible. Not only are we looking forward to next year but to a bright and sustainable future ahead.”
Devon Siebenga - president, BigSteelBox Structures:
“Our expansion plans for B.C. are in direct correlation to the development of the LNG industry, and key to our success is fostering relationships at all levels - local, regional and provincial. Collaborative initiatives such as the LNG Conference have shown me how government and business can work closer together. Being on the tradeshow floor not only lets others see our product up close, it lets us have those discussions one-on-one on how best to expand our current northern networks of four stores and develop the logistics to make it simple for our customers.”
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