Exhibit shows off Vancouver faces

David Bong is a Vancouver-based fine art photographer, an aspiring writer and a student of practical spirituality. He was born at the edge of the rainforest in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, and lived his early childhood in a small coastal town where his father traded with the natives of the rainforest – the Dayaks. David’s early life was greatly influenced by the Dayaks and their simple and joyful way of life. As modern technology and progress entered and altered the rainforest - and with it the lives of the natives - he began to see the changes and shifts in the world and our culture in particular. Now, almost four decades later, we have an opportunity to perceive the artist’s gift and intensity of seeing while he invites us all, through his lens, to see our essence and joy.
“I would like to change the viewers' perception, albeit for a few short moments, by capturing their attention with the photos of these individuals, without any distinction of class, gender, age or race. I want these images to convey the language of humanity that holds no barriers or prominence among people. It is a visual way for us to depart from inequality, which is partially created by our limited view of others. In a small way, this project is my message of peace.”
Faces of Humanity is the first of a series of work by David Bong. Using the street as his backdrop, he photographed these individuals - from the destitute to the wealthy - with each telling a story about their own struggles, challenges and successes. Faces of Angels is a series of children’s portraits that complements the Faces of Humanity as “children are the essence of humanity. They bring people together and help build bridges between them. All they need from us is peace, which is the building block of their future humanity.”
The artist’s intention is to capture each person's essence as it is that 'spiritualness' that allows us to connect with one another - through the language of spirituality. He would like to use his work as a conduit to get people to pause and look at something that speaks to all of us, much like a universal connection.
“My passion for photography and my quest to become a better artist motivate me every day. I feel tremendous responsibility when I pick up my camera, for I am also learning to be the instrument behind the message I intend the Faces of Humanity to project. This is the most humble way I can share my life and work through my portraits.”
David Bong 
Faces of Humanity: in black and white
June 9 – June 28, 2014 
Media: Yuliana Sirman ys@davidbong.com ph: 604.365.0477
Reception: Thursday, June 12, 2014 ; 6:30 to 8:30 pm
David Bong’s exhibit is proudly supported by Leone, with the generous support of Samco Printers and Salam Bombei restaurant.


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