Kumare offers delicious Filipino food

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post
Kumare is my go-to restaurant for Filipino food in Richmond. The prices are fair and the food is very good if you know what to order. I have been here at least five times already and I haven’t been disappointed.
This place is very popular and there are often large groups inside, so I recommend making a reservation to avoid waiting in line. 
On my most recent visit, I started with the Calamansi Juice, which arrived in a nice mason jar and was fresh and good.
Next I had the Small Garlic Rice ($2). This arrived in a small bowl good for one person, so if you have a group, it’s better to order the large for $4. We also ordered the beef congee, but the waitress mistook the order, so we ended up with Beef Mami ($7). This dish featured egg noodles, cabbage, egg, beef, and a garnish of green onions and garlic. It was good and the broth reminded me of chicken noodle soup.
Kumare Fish ($10) is a Basa filet topped with garlic sauce. You have the option of choosing one of several sauces, but we chose the garlic, which we really liked. We also tried the Beef Caldereta ($10) with beef, shank, potatoes, and bell peppers braised in tomato sauce. The beef was tender and the dish went well with garlic rice.
BBQ Pork ($3.25) has a10" BBQ pork skewer, marinated and grilled street style. The char on this is very delicious and will likely make Kumare one of the top places for pork skewers. I highly recommend this dish.
Sizzling Tofu ($12) has tofu, green onions, and bell peppers served on a hot plate. After ordering it several times at Kumare, we never get tired of this dish. It’s true that it is greasy, but it is very flavourful and also highly recommended.
Overall the food was good, but on this particular visit, the service was very slow. They seemed quite overwhelmed by the packed dining room with only two servers.  
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We Rate Kumare: 4/5 
8130 Park Rd., Richmond
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