Basho Café: lunch with family

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post
It’s nice to indulge in the occasional treat - and enjoying confections with close family makes the experience all the more sweet.
I recently visited Basho Café to try some delicious sweet treats with my family. I have been here with friends in the past, and it has always been a positive experience. The wait for a table was quite long for a group of 5, but if you are able to endure a wait or come here early, you will love this cozy cafe.
We tried a selection of drinks and treats, including Matcha lattes ($3.75) and Earl Grey tea ($2.85). The match latte is a bit bitter without sugar, so you add some to sweeten to taste.
The treats ranged in price from $1 to $3. We tried the Sesame Brownie, Red Bean Mochi, Nut Mochi, and Chocolate Mochi. The Smoked Cheddar and Chive Scone also caught our eye and it was very addictive. I highly recommend trying this scone.
We also ordered two lunch sets. The Teri Pulled Pork with lunch set ($8 +$3) featured delicious and tender pulled pork with rice and a few vegetables. Alternatively, you can order it as a salad. With the lunch set addition, you get soup, mini sweets, and a cup of tea. It was very good.
The Tuna Tataki with lunch set ($9.5 +$3) is my favourite. It’s a light meal, healthy, and the perfect amount of food.
Overall, all the baked treats were good and none of them disappointed. The café is a cute place to relax and catch up with friends over drinks and snacks.  
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We Rate Basho Cafe: 4.5/5 
2007 East Hastings Street
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