Vancouver festival celebrates diverse narratives

From Friday, June 13 to Sunday, June 15, the Vancouver Society of Storytelling (VSOS) presents, “A Cabinet of Curiosities: the 20th Vancouver International Storytelling Festival.” Expect personal narratives, traditional folk stories, fairytales, and a dialogue on storytelling for social change. The multi-day, all-age festival celebrates distinct narratives within the City’s diverse communities and histories.
The festival brings together some of the most animated and passionate tellers in the city, including Naveen Girn, Comfort Ero, Wendy Charbonneau, Lizzy Karp, Victor Guerin, Magpie Ulysses and Deborah Williams.
Storytellers will draw from traditions and experiences across cultural backgrounds like the Douglas and Salish First Nations, South Asian, Iranian, African and Chinese. “We tell stories from our own perspectives to share knowledge,” says Todd Wong, who will combine stories of Scottish-Canadian history with insights into the lives of his pioneer Chinese ancestors during opening night on Friday.
“I wanted to connect with the Salish lands where I was raising my family and calling home. I see environmental education as telling stories about who we are, where we came from, and what is important,” says one of the panelists, Shahira Sakiyama.
 Festival tickets are available in advance through the VSOS website at or at the door.
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