Documentary shows 600-year journey of Nanjing wall

Author and filmmaker DT Siddhartha Fraser is currently seeking funding for a children’s book series entitled "Little Dove,” as well as a feature length documentary on the 600-year journey of the Nanjing city wall.
The wall is a 32 kilometre-engineering marvel that took 21 years to complete.
The film will focus on the ambitious and paranoid emperor who constructed the wall along with its present day importance as a major tourist destination.
For the past two years, Fraser has been working on the Little Dove Series, which is comprised of three storybooks and four novels. The Little Dove Series explores the life of Gala, a child born in nature who learns to live with mankind and struggles to keep the world from falling out of balance. Set 4000 years in the future, Gala is a child born from mythological origins and abandoned on the high slopes of the Ice Mountains. She manages to survive thanks to her adoptive parents, the Sun and Moon. After years living in the wild, she is discovered by a tradesman and is brought to the town of Marogoton.
 The book will be available in the iTunes BookStore just prior to Christmas 2014. Acclaimed Canadian painter and children’s author Geoff Butler created the cover art, while Liam McDonald is illustrated the characters. Both projects currently have live crowd funding campaigns. For more information, visit
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