Summertime soft-serve treats in Richmond

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post
Kid-friendly, summer appropriate treats that are inexpensive. Screamers soft serve and treats are a fun way to cool off while passing the time with kids in Richmond. 
My last visit to Screamers was a few years ago and the place is still as fun as I remember. A Screamer is part soft serve ice cream and part slushee. During my visit, there were only two flavours available, Crush Lime and Crush Orange. After all this time, I still like the Crush Orange flavour. 
Last time I visited, I ordered the small size, but I felt it was too large, so this time I opted for the mini-size, which was an affordable $2.
Screamers are meant to be enjoyed in the heat, so pick up a treat and head for a walk along the pier or head to Gary Point Park.  
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We Rate Screamers Soft Serve & Treats: 3.5/5
12211 Third Avenue, Richmond, BC
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