Aureus University offers pre-med courses in BC

New opportunities in medical training today allow students to enter the field of medicine directly after high school.
Thousands of doctors now based in Canada and United States have chosen this path which often combines local education, medical training at state-of-the-art facilities in the Caribbean and the final step of clinical rotation(s) in the United States.
Based in Surrey, British Columbia and in Aruba, Aureus University School of Medicine has established itself as a leading institution in medical school training.
The institution offers a 5-year MD program which consists of 1 year of Pre-Medical subjects taught at academic centers in Canada, and two years of Basic Sciences at the Aruba Campus followed by the final step of on-the-job rotations in the US.
For the first year, Aureus provides three semesters of pre-med training at its campus in Surrey as well as in the Greater Toronto area.
The university is recognized by the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and Medical Council of Canada.
Aureus’ School of Medicine maintains an academic standard equivalent to those of medical schools in the United States.
The curriculum is updated periodically to be at par with the latest information circulating with medical schools in the United States.
Aureus University also designs its teaching methods, curriculum and textbooks at the same level of quality found in US medical schools.
High school students with a background in general Biology / Zoology, general Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Physics, Math and English are eligible to apply.
Information seminars are conducted every month in various cities of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.
For more information regarding admission process and upcoming seminars you may contact Director - Aureus Academic Center Surrey, Unit 216-9801 King George Highway, Surrey BC.
Phone No. 778 785 0400 and 604 498 2205.
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