Positive attitude helps with job search

Dr. Vandana Khetarpal’s story is unusual. With a doctorate in management and ten years of teaching experience in Business Schools in India, she landed in Vancouver in February 2014 with her husband and two kids.
Thanks to her positive attitude, Vandana and her husband both got jobs in less than two months of being in Canada.
“The thought of doing anything other than teaching was undoubtedly hard for me,” she says. “After applying for a number of jobs online, with a few replies here and there, I did think ‘oh it’s easier said than done.’ I did not let any negative thoughts creep up my mind and embraced the reasons that had made me decide to come to Canada.”
Her positive attitude also contributed to Vandana being chosen as the second winner in the Prepare for Canada’s “What’s Your Secret” contest supported by Scotiabank and Western Union.
Prepare for Canada launched this contest last month, asking immigrants to share their stories and win $1000 by entering the “What’s Your Secret” contest.
“Prepare for Canada” helps skilled immigrant professionals to prepare for success in Canada by delivering seminars, webinars and information on job preparedness and settlement first steps, operating overseas and in-Canada through online and in-person activities. Learn more at www.prepareforcanada.com.

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