Happy hour in Gastown at Flying Pig

By Diana (Foodology),
Special to The Post

With recent changes to liquor laws in Vancouver, Happy Hour has officially become a post-work ritual for many professionals. 
One of my favourite locations for happy hour is The Flying Pig in Gastown. They have a special chalkboard menu with happy hour features running daily from 4 – 6pm. They also have another location in Yaletown. Do note that your entire party has to arrive at the same time or they will not seat you. 
On a recent visit, the selection of discounted appetizers included the Salmon Sampler, Beef and Bresaola Salad, Short Rib Croquettes, Truffle Mac and Cheese, Steamed Clams, Artisan Cured Meats, Halibut Poppers, and Beef Carpaccio. Each item was priced at either $5 or $6. 
Beef Carpaccio ($6) is topped with an aioli sauce, arugula, cheese, crostini, capers and garlic. It was okay, but it was missing something acidic to bring the flavours together. The Halibut Poppers ($6) were delicious. They were tender and flavourful on the inside, and nice and fried on the outside. The Truffle Mac and Cheese ($5) is gooey and sinfully delicious. You can’t go wrong with cheese.
They have an nice wine selection that complements the appetizers. I tried the Pinot Gris ($7.75), which comes from Calona Vineyards from the Okanagan Valley in BC. 
Overall, we had a great time after work. All the appetizers was perfect.  
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We Rate Flying Pig Gastown: 3.5/5

102 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

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