Asian Canadian theatre highlight of annual festival

Versus” is an offbeat, funny play written, directed and produced by Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre’s Artistic Associate, Andrea Yu.
Opening at the Vancouver Fringe Festival on September 4, 2014, the play follows the trials of a playwright and her lead actress. 
Facing writer's block, an impending deadline, and the impatience of her lead actress, a playwright struggles to finish her manuscript on time. To her shock and surprise, events in her play start to occur in the lead actress' real life, often with horrific and hilarious consequences. “Versus” tracks the power dynamics between these two characters.
Watch “Versus” at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, an annual celebration of unique theatre productions.
Featuring more than 700 performances, the festival runs from September 4 – 14, 2014. Visit for tickets.

Artists Profile (All three actors below are performing in Versus)

Evelyn Chew
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Malaysian Chinese
Occupation: Actor, babysitter and cashier.
Years of experience: I started training as an actor when I was 17. I've been working professionally for 5 years.
Next performance: “Versus” by Andrea Yu this September at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.
What is the highlight of your performance? The script is dark and funny. The people I get to work with are great people and they're funny. It's going to be very fun.
Future goals as an artist:  Work a lot, make great work, and be around great people. Speak truthfully, have fun, and live honestly.

Chris Lam
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Chinese (Hong Kong)
Occupation: Actor
Years of experience: 4
Next performance: “Versus” by Andrea Yu, and “Cannibal the Musical” (Awkward Stage Productions), both at the Vancouver Fringe Festival.
What is the highlight of your performance? Playing several different characters.
 Future goals as an artist:  Rewriting my play “Shanghai Black Beer” and writing a musical.

Andrea Yu
Age: 31
Ethnicity: Chinese (Hong Kong)
Occupation and/or Company: Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, and Artistic Associate at Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre
Years of experience: 5
Next Performance: “The Winter's Tale” (Classic Chic Productions) and writing, directing and producing “Versus” at the Firehall Arts Centre for the Vancouver Fringe Festival.
What is the highlight of your performance? For “The Winter's Tale,” it's the unique challenge of playing a man. For “Versus,” it's complete creative control over my own project.
 Future goals as an artist:  To be at the forefront of the Asian Canadian theatre scene, and to continue to write and produce interesting roles for Asian Canadian artists.

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