Restaurant Review: Kumare Richmond

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We settled for Pancit Palabok, Laing, Garlic Fried Rice, Filipino Style BBQ and Ukoy.

A lot of people also ask me about why the Filipino Style BBQ is red. I’m guessing the mix of ketchup and the other ingredients make for the vibrant colour of the meat. This was my favourite thing we ate. We ordered a chicken and a pork skewer and both were very tender and juicy. The flavour isn’t too overpowering but it’s a nice mix of sweet and salty and a hint of spice to it. I would definitely recommend ordering this.

Ukoy is similar to Korean seafood pancakes but in a fritter form. The way they create the ukoy here is different then how my dad makes it at home, but I liked it. It had various layers of batter, vegetables and some seafood to it. I would’ve love to see more seafood or meat go into the ukoy. Served with vinegar – perfect!

The Pancit Palabok nothing to write home about. The sauce had no unique or distinct flavour to it . Besides from having some chicharron, green onions and eggs on top, there wasn’t much else in the palabok. I’d love to see some more protein added to this dish.

Laing (lah-ing) is made with dried taro leaves, coconut milk and other ingredients. The Laing here is a nice light version that worked well with the garlic fried rice This version is fairly mild, which is pretty good on its own.

The Garlic Fried rice was a large heaping, and was very fragrant and delicious.

Overall, there are some hits and misses here at Kumare, but I would come back. They have a big dessert selection from ube cake, sans rival cake , buns and a lot more.


Kumare Richmond

8130 Park Road, Richmond, BC


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