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Cacao70 features a variety of chocolates from all over the world in a drinking chocolate format, fondue, parfaits, waffles, cakes, ice cream, hot chocolates, milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees and yes, their famous dessert pizzas.

The Sharing Sharing For Two or More covered a good portion of the menu. It comes with a quarter of the 12 inch triple chocolate pizza, banana waffle, fresh strawberries, graham crackers, brownie bites, chocolate wafers, marshmallows, vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate and milk chocolate fondue for dipping.

Dipping the marshmallows into the fondue and cramming it into the graham wafers was great. The chocolate isn’t overly sweet but it has a nice decadent heaviness to it.

Waffles are simple and drizzled in chocolate along with the banana and vanilla ice cream. It was a bit on the soggy side, but not too bad.

The triple chocolate pizza was a bit underwhelming. I think maybe the other pizzas with different toppings might be a bit more interesting – the chocolate marshmallow pizza and chocolate hazelnut pizza for example.

I really enjoyed the chocolate drinks. I ordered the Classic Spicy Hot Chocolate, which is the perfect amount of spice. They give you a bit on the side to add more, but it really is just perfectly flavoured. I would definitely come back to try their other hot chocolates.

We ordered the 53.8% Belgian drinking chocolate. I thought it was a good balance, neither too sweet or too bitter. I want to try their darkest – 76% Equator and see how that compares.

Overall, I’m excited to have Cacao 70 here in the city, I will definitely be back to try more of the menu items. I would recommend coming to Cacao 70 for after dinner desserts or to grab a nice drinking chocolate to enjoy.


Cacoa 70

1047 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC


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