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I remember one of my first experiences with Beard Papa’s when they first arrived here in Vancouver on Robson Street – these lovely, giant cream puffs were crispy and filled with a delicious, creamy custard in the middle that blew my pre-food blogger mind. The amount of flavours available was beyond what I’ve ever had and I was addicted to them.

Today there are several Beard Papa’s around the city, including one which is more of a cafe style. Most of the Beard Papa’s were more grab-n-go style, so it was nice to actually to sit down to enjoy these treats.

The cafe serves cafe style drinks (cappuccinos, lattes), other desserts and sweets like waffles and their delicious cream puffs. You’ll find all the different flavours and toppings expected at any Beard Papa’s location.

We had their original cream puff and one topped with chocolate, their fondant au chocolat and I had a cappuccino.

The cream puffs were my favourite part of this experience – still quite large and filled with the original vanilla custard. I also love having them with green tea and chocolate.

The Fondant Au Chocolat is a molten lava cake made with Belgian Callebaut chocolate – one of the world’s finest chocolate. It was a nice indulgent treat.

My cappuccino was large and was much lighter than I expected in terms of creaminess. It helped cut the sweetness of our desserts.

If you’re in Richmond and are craving some great cream puffs, I’d recommend checking out this cafe.


Beard Papa’s Sweet Café

5951 No 3 Rd #100, Richmond, BC


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