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Mikan Cafe is sister restaurant to Cafe de l’Orangerie that opened up a couple months ago on Fraser and Broadway. The both have the same concept - Japanese fusion. There are some items from Orangerie you’ll find here, including my favourite: Creamy Masago Spaghetti. They also have the great desserts they have at the other location as well.

One item that is different is their poutine. They have vegetarian curry, vegetarian gravy and Mikan style beef stew. We tried the beef stew poutine and it wasn’t bad. The fries were crispy and the stew was heavy but not too salty.

We ordered the Masago Creamy Spaghetti. It’s the same as the one at Cafe de l’Orangerie. It was made with squid, mushroom, asparagus, fish roe and cream sauce. The noodles are served al dente, the creamy sauce is not too heavy but the dish itself is filling. Even with the seafood components, it wasn’t too salty either. This is one of my favourite dishes here and at Orangerie, so I’d recommend trying it out.

I’m surprised that Mikan Cafe isn’t as busy at Cafe de l’Orangerie. It’s definitely comparable to Cafe de l’Orangerie, so if you don’t want to take the trek all the way there, you should visit.


Mikan Cafe

670 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC


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