Restaurant Review: Hugo's Restaurant

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


In theory, the wonton nachos with sriracha aioli, pickled ginger, nori, white cheddar and wasabi guacamole was solid, but it wasn't executed properly. The shredded cheese had not melted, but the wonton chips were airy and crunchy. Loved the blend of flavours. Wished for more nori. Also served luke warm was the Mac 'n Cheese with a bechamel sauce. The noodles were point, but the flavours were muted. But it was creamy and there a lot of melted cheese on top.

The Gochujang Wings was quite good but the lack of heat meant the flavours were not activated. Surprisingly, the temperature did not compromise the firm crispiness of the exterior of the wings. The gochujang was sweet, but still impactful. The Peking Express Pizza with BBQ duck was served with hoisin and roasted garlic. The crust was fairly thin, yet only crispy and charred mostly on the edges. There was a generous amount of melted cheese on top with only a spattering of duck. The pizza tasted mostly of cheese and hoisin.

The Beef Burger was worth it.  The meaty 6 oz fresh beef patty tasted completely natural except for some salt and pepper. The cheddar cheese was melted and the fresh tomato and mesclun greens provided some moisture. Topping it off was some mild sriracha mayo. Medium-sized and long, the fries were crunchy and light with considerable potato texture inside. That was probably because they were served piping hot unlike most of the other dishes. There is definitely potential here, but the kitchen has to be more efficient and organized.


Hugo's Restaurant

5775 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC


The Good:

• Some interesting ingredients

•  Friendly owner

• Those fries!


The Bad:

• Strangely, more than half of our dishes were cold

• Food too awhile


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