Restaurant Review: Burdock & Co

By Grace Cheung,
Special to The Post


I tried Roasted Knotweed with White Prosciutto and a Duck Hollandaise. It had a texture like hollow asparagus, but chewier. The hollandaise was on the lemony side and gave it a refreshing flavour.

The Miso Caramel & Garlic Mirin Glazed Duck Leg had a slightly crispy skin. The meat fell off the bone and was juicy and tender. I'd definitely have this again.

We tried the Fettucini with Sea Urchin Butter Sauce with some shiso green plum topped with a cured yolk. The sauce was creamy. The portion again was perfect. The pasta was cooked to an al dente.

The Striploin is not on their menu currently, but if it's available as a special the night that you go, please order it. The meat is so well-marbled and the each slice is juicy. It's got a good chew to it.

For dessert, we had the Kumquat and Messor's Olive Oil Cake with Coconut Cream. The texture was so moist, and the kumquat flavour was subtle enough to let the Messor's come through. The nuts and coconut gave the dish some needed texture.

And for chocolate lovers, I'd recommend the Chocolate Pot de Creme, with caramelized cocoa nib and a gingerbread cookie. It was velvety smooth and bursting with chocolate flavour. The cocoa nibs have a nice crunch and the gingerbread cookie was a perfect addition to the dish.

The Meyer Lemon Curd Shortbread Meringue had a silky smooth Milk Gelato. It’s like a deconstructed lemon meringue pie. The curd was tart, the meringue was sweet and the milk gelato was chilled. Everything came together wonderfully.

All in all, this was a great meal. Their sommelier has developed a well-balanced list and anything from the digestif list is a great way to end your meal.


Burdock & Co

2702 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


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