Restaurant Review: Belgard Kitchen

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We had brunch at Belgard Kitchen, which is located in the same building of Vancouver Urban Winery and Postmark Brewing, found in Railtown.

They have high ceilings and very rustic decorations.

I started off with an Odd Society Caesar made with Walter Caesar’s Mix and Odd Society’s East Van Vodka. I’m not sure you could get a better, quality mix for a caesar than these two. I love Walter’s Caesars Mix because it’s slightly on the sweet side and has a thicker consistency than most caesars/caesar mixes. Odd Society’s East Van Vodka is a great, quality vodka to mix with other drinks.

I ordered the Brunch Burger, mostly because it sounded delicious but also because it’s part of the MealShare program which provides one-for-one meals to someone in need.

The burger had tomato, lettuce, a nice, runny egg and mayo and is served with a side of parmesan dusted potatoes. The burger held together pretty well, including the bun. The bun had a nice elasticity and soaked up the ingredients inside the burger without becoming overly greasy. I really enjoyed the burger!

I’d like to come back and try out some of the other items on the menu at Belgard Kitchen soon.


Belgard Kitchen

55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver, BC


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