Restaurant Review: Satomi Sushi & Grill

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


The Prawn Tempura  had a light and crispy coating that gave way to a large buttery prawn that had a sweet snap texture. We also had the Ebi Mayo which was drizzled with spicy mayo.

The Deluxe Assorted Sashimi had large pieces. However, bigger does not always mean better. Although the Hamachi was unusually large, it was buttery. Texturally, the Salmon and Tuna were buttery as well. However, the Aji was essentially the scraps of the fish, which annoyed us. The Tako was a bit thick and too chewy. The Nigiri featured Hotate, Aji and Toro which tasted okay. The scallop was buttery and sweet while the Aji and Toro were texturally on point.

We ordered the Tamago, Unagi and Smoked Salmon. The tamago was pretty good. It was done correctly, but the jalapeno could've been sliced thinner.

The Oyako Don was plated so the egg and chicken mixture was separate from the rice so it didn't get soggy. It was good with fluffy egg and tender chicken in a mildly sweet sauce. This was not bad, but the Chicken Yakisoba was better. It featured chewy noodles that were not greasy and nicely seasoned being sweet, salty and slightly tangy. The crunch from the veggies was good while the chicken was plentiful.

We also ordered the Alaska Roll and Una-Tama Roll. The rolls were fairly well made.  The rice was chewy and mildly seasoned while the ingredients were fresh. The una-tama roll was missing the cucumber to go with the unagi and tamago.  Overall, Satomi is above-average with some minor consistency issues.


Satomi Sushi & Grill

4689 Kingsway Avenue, Burnaby, BC


The Good:

• Decent eats

• Most things were carefully prepared

• Pleasant service


The Bad:

• Minor consistency issues

• Tight seating


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