Ninety-one year old man sets Guinness World Record

Sun Yung Tsu (Joe Sun) holds the official Guinness World Record for the longest career as a corporate salesperson. On July 11, he received the official certificate for his service of 62 years and 238 days with Manulife Hong Kong.

"I am very honoured to have set a new world record with my lifelong career as an insurance agent. I have enjoyed every moment of my first six decades with the company, and I am not planning for retirement yet," Sun said. "In work and in life, it is important to always look forward and be passionate."

In 1954, Sun was one of seven candidates chosen out of 400 applicants to work for Manulife in Hong Kong. During his career, he has been qualified as a Five Star Master Builder in 1979, achieved top 10 Divisional Leader rankings 15 times, and earned Superstar status five times.

"While technology is creating seismic shifts in the insurance sector, our industry will always rest on people who are dedicated to helping others and developing long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. Joe exemplifies this more than anyone, acting as a true example of the professionalism we should all strive for and the values we should uphold," said Guy Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Hong Kong.

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