Restaurant Review: Black & Blue

By Grace Cheung,
Special to the Post


As one of my friends said, "Vancouver is the only place that can sell you a skewer of lamb and call it a salad." And it was a hot skewer of meat.

Tuna Poke is prepared table side. It’s not their best appetizer. It's also small for a "share plate".

Try the Phyllo Prawns or theMac & Cheese Sticks as I usually order these.

The 16oz Rib Eye was cooked to a perfect medium rare. As for the sides, the asparagus was a bit wilted but the truffle smashed potatoes were decadent.

The12 oz New York Striploin was also done to a perfect medium rare. I wasn’t sure I could finish it. After giving a taste to both my friends, I started working on this baby. Next thing I knew, I was done. It was so moist and juicy, and it had the smokiness from the grill. There wasn't much fat on the edges and what there was, I ate it all. But I had to leave some of the potatoes behind.

For sweets, we opted for their selection of three kinds of cheese, (it's available in three or five), but they generously gave us five. This included crumbled blue, brie, an ashen goat cheese and two more that I can't recall!

If you are a cheese lover like me, I'd recommend sharing an appetizer and a huge steak with your dining partner. It's worth it!


Black & Blue

1032 Alberni Street, Vancouver, BC


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