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While most other stadium food options are limited, Nat Bailey stadium has an interesting array of food – not surprising as Vancouver is a known foodie city.
Nat Bailey Stadium is home to the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver BBQ Picnic in the Park area. The Hard Rock Casino accommodates up to 400 people and the hey y’all! Porch, up to 200 people. Both offer all you can eat buffets.
Through the concourse, there is variety of sweet and savoury items including sushi, craft beer, foot long dogs, and ice cream.
The newest items on the menu are the Tottine and Nat’s Bat.
The Tottine is Chef Patrick Smith’s take on poutine made with long tater tots. The crispiness of each tot combined with the pulled pork, gravy and cheese curds are worth the trip out to Nat Bailey.
The Nat’s Bat is a large turkey leg smoked for five hours. It is fall-off-the-bone tender. The smokiness is very apparent. It is much more tender and flavourful than what you could get at Disneyland. 
Other items available at the Nat include the nacho grande, brisket sandwich and of course, the yard long hot dog.
The Nacho Grande is a generous portion topped with pulled pork, tomatoes, olives, pickled jalpaenos, sour cream, green onion, cheese and of course tortilla chips on the bottom. 
One of my favourites is the brisket and pulled pork on a bun. The brisket is smoked for 15 hours. Surprisingly, the bun stands up to the tender juices of both the brisket and pulled pork.
The three-foot long hot dog is best shared with two to three friends, but definitely do-able by one (hungry) person!

Nat Bailey Stadium
4601 Ontario Street, Vancouver, BC

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