Restaurant Review: My Frosty

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


I tried the Matcha and the Mango Bingsoo. Prices were on par with other restaurants. Portion size was standard. Most of the time, matcha bingsoo looks, but hardly tastes the part. Not here. The airy and snowy flakes were flavourful without being too sweet and not overly bitter. The red bean was not overwhelmingly sweet. I liked the just ripened mango. It was refreshing and purposefully sweet.

A few days later I tried the Chocolate and the Strawberry Bingsoo. Dressed impressively with cubes of chocolate cake, Beuno, ice cream and a brownie, the chocolate bingsoo looked good. However, the snow was not chocolately enough. The cubes of cake were fluffy. The brownie wasn't too sweet. It was par for the course with anything Asian and chocolate. Essentially the same as the mango bingsoo, the strawberry was just a bit more tart and less sweet. I liked that the ice cream and corn flakes was embedded in the snow. Compared to others, My Frosty gives Snowy Village a run for its money.


My Frosty

220 2800 E 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC


The Good:

• Delicate and not-to-sweet milky snow

• Good fruit/topping-to-snow ratio

• Friendly service


The Bad:

• Where's the water?

• Limited seating


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