Restaurant Review: Dae Ji Cutlet House

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post



We tried the Garlic Pork Cutlet served with rice, cabbage salad, macaroni and corn. The dish did not look spicy, but it had a kick and lots of garlic. Under the thick sauce, the pork cutlet was still crispy and tender. The Curry Pork Cutlet was the same except for the sauce. It was also fairly spicy, but less garlicky.  There was definitely curry flavour, but well-seasoned.

The Kimchi Fried Rice serving was much larger than the picture on the menu. It had chewy rice seasoned with kimchi. It was a balanced spicy where there was equal parts of tang, sweetness, spice and savouriness. We also liked there was little grease. The Sweet and Spicy Chicken portion was even larger. It had large chunks of succulent chicken in a thick batter. I would've preferred a thinner coating because it made it a bit heavier. The sauce was mildly spicy, sweet and tangy, but there was too much of it. I've had much better versions of this before.

On my initial visit, I had the Hamburger Steak with all the same accompaniments. Much like the first time we had it in Coquitlam, this was a substantial amount of meat. It was moist and well-seasoned. The gravy was sweet, but was balanced by the hot sauce and the savouriness of the meat. Overall, the food at Dae Ji isn't mind-blowing nor should it be expected to blow anyone's mind. They offer solid cutlets with a variety of sauces at reasonable prices.


Dae Ji Cutlet House

4883 Kingsway Avenue, Burnaby, BC


The Good:

• Decent eats

• Well-priced cutlets

• Open late


The Bad:

• The spicy chicken was expensive and average


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