Restaurant Review: Comos Café

We decided on going to Cozmos since we’ve never been there.

Upon being seated, we noticed a special festive drink- butter beer. Yes, you read correctly. Obviously, it was a must order, being the Potterheads that we are. They also have a boozy adult’s butter beer. It was a mixture of cream soda, whipped cream and butterscotch syrup. I liked the bits of crushed fine ice in it, but I felt like it was lacking that buttery flavour and richness that you’d expect. It tasted too much like cream soda. It probably could have used more butterscotch syrup.

We had two appetizers: curly fries and zucchini sticks and two mains to share.

The zucchini sticks were a few measly strips of fried zucchini on a plate with some tzatziki on the side. It made me miss the zucchini sticks I’ve had in Los Angeles at The Hat. Those were the bomb.

The curly fries were done right, well-seasoned and tasty, but we couldn’t help but notice that our plate was significantly smaller than the tables next to us.

I ordered the spicy lamb gyro. It came with a Greek salad that I didn’t fancy very much. The flavour of the balsamic vinaigrette tasted a little off. I would’ve preferred it with just feta. The wrap itself wasn’t bad, granted it wasn’t good either. The red onions were a little overbearing.

The tuna melt benedict was mediocre. The potatoes were dry and the egg was slightly overcooked. I could’ve made this at home with canned tuna and shredded cheese and it probably would’ve tasted the same, if not better.

Overal, Cozmos was alright, it’s one of those places I’d never suggest I’d want to eat at but would go if someone asked.


Cozmos Café

6691 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC


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