Restaurant Review: Rad Tea Room

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post




I tried the Mango Frappe and it was literally like drinking a mango. There were lots of fruity bits of mango and the sweet and aromatic taste of the slush itself. It could've been blended even smoother as there were some icy bits.

I sampled the Classic, Oolong Milk Tea and Lavender teas. Made with black tea, the classic was more robust and rich compared to the milder and more floral notes. Both had more tea-focused in flavour where the milkiness was light and not pronounced. The default sweetness level was very moderate and allowed the tea flavours to really shine. This would be equal to 30% sugar at most other places in town. I prefer this kind of milk tea.

The Winter melon Tea Cap was reminiscent of the signature drink at Gong Cha. However, unlike the one at Gong Cha, this was drinkable. It was only purposefully sweet with a caramel finish. I could taste the subtle flavour of the winter melon. Something lighter and fruitier was the Strawberry Tea Mocktail which was fizzy and refreshing. I appreciated that it tasted like strawberries rather than a candied-version. I prefer drinks that are naturally flavoured that do not rely on sugar. The Rad Tea would be my first choice in Vancity.


Rad Tea Room

80-678 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC

(The Granville Station - Dunsmuir Exit)


The Good:

• Quality tea

• Not watered-down and tastes like it is supposed to

• Not too sweet


The Bad:

• Not the most accessible location if you aren't skytraining it

• Some might find it not sweet enough (but you can just add more sugar)


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