Restaurant Review: Lee Yuen

Submitted by Sherman Chan
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The Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll looked legit. Inside, the ample amount of shrimp were large and had a nice meaty snap. They were not seasoned enough though, but the sweetened soy did the flavouring. We enjoyed The Sliced Fish Congee.  There was a good amount of flaky fish which made the entire thing hearty.

The Shrimp Spring Rolls were on point with a crunchy while not dense exterior that was easy on the oil. Inside, the shrimp filling was buttery with a moist snap. It was well-seasoned too with plenty of garlicky goodness. The Bean Curd Skin Roll filling was loose with a good mix of veggies. It kept things bright and light. On the exterior, the fried bean curd skin was tender with a light chewiness.
As ha gau goes, this one was average. Inside, the shrimp mixture was far too fatty and loose. But the shrimp did taste good and had a nice texture. The siu mai had big and meaty chunks of pork. There was an inconsistent bounce texture where some pieces were rather chewy but still tender. Flavours were balanced including good hits of shrimp and shiitake mushroom.

The Steamed Pork Spareribs were well-portioned spareribs and exhibited the classic bounce texture where the meat was also tender. There was more than enough seasoning and garlic without being salty. The meatballs were mushy. They tasted okay. However, they overdid it with the cilantro. Overall, we enjoyed the Dim Sum service despite some obvious execution issues. We realized that we were in Surrey and there are not many options, but for the price, Lee Yuen is serviceable.


Lee Yuen

14755 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC

The Good:
• Serviceable
• Well-priced
• Well-portioned

The Bad:
• Some items need work
• Service needs work
• The decor needs even more work


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