Love has no boundaries: 11 best cities for a romantic trip

As long as there are love and romance, there will be a demand for romantic trips to cities and entire countries perfect for those who want to be away from everyday bustle with that special someone.

But where to go? Here are a few most romantic cities in the world from

Kyoto, Japan
Hundreds of gardens, tea houses, and other secluded places just earn Kyoto additional points in “the most romantic city on the planet” category. It’s the only place where you can take a ride on the romantic train called Sagano. A 25-minute train ride along the Hozu River, with wonderful views, won’t let you indifferent.

Budapest, Hungary
A trip to Budapest is cheap (relatively), beautiful (no doubt), and delicious (hundreds of cafes). And the nightlife here never stops, even in winter. Budapest has rightfully earned its second name – Paris of the East.

Florence, Italy
When talking about the most romantic cities in Europe, it’s impossible not to mention some Italian town. The capital of the Italian Renaissance is famous for its beautiful architecture and stuns even those who have no idea of the history of culture. You can rent a bike and go for a ride in the Tuscany region with its vineyards and pastoral landscapes.

Prague, Czech Republic
The capital of the Czech Republic is great for anything, including a romantic trip, especially if you’re interested in the city’s nightlife.

Lisbon, Portugal
A romantic date on the edge of the (Old) world – what could be more romantic? Excellent architecture, a large number of places for hiking, and a cosmopolitan spirit - these are the main advantages of Lisbon. While visiting this city, be sure to take a trip to Sintra, the “capital of romanticism,” praised by Byron himself.

Wellington, New Zealand
The next spot on our list of the most romantic cities goes to Wellington. It’s probably one of the most unexpected destinations on the list, but it’s a must-have for those who are crazy about Peter Jackson’s works. In addition to the legacy of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit,” this corner of New Zealand can impress you with stunning nature. And with a well-developed tourism industry here, you won’t get bored.

Bath, United Kingdom
The most romantic city in England is surrounded by pastoral landscapes and is famous for its romantic balloon trips. Besides, it was here that Jane Austen, the author of such masterpieces as Pride and Prejudice, lived and wrote her masterpieces.

New York, USA
New York can probably be called the most romantic city in the US. It’s suitable for absolutely any purpose. Whatever hobby you have, and no matter how thick your wallet is, you’ll find what to do here. Or just take a walk along its magnificent parks and, of course, check out the famous Plaza Hotel, which appeared in so many romantic films that it’s impossible to count them all.

Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech is a red city, and red is the color of love and passion. Bustling markets, spices in food and air, bright colored clothes and houses, a lot of thrilling adventures – this is a perfect city for those who want bright emotions from a romantic trip.

Dublin, Ireland
Restrained northern culture, castles, and majestic cathedrals - that's what makes the capital of Ireland a perfect romantic location. Thanks to the huge number of galleries, restaurants and concert halls, you will never run out of ideas about what to do in this city. And, of course, it should be mentioned that St. Valentine himself found rest in Dublin - his remains are stored in the church of the Carmelites at Whitefriar Street.

Paris, France
Which is the most romantic city in the world? That’s right! Paris will always remain the most romantic destination, with its Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, and warm nights.



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