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"My parents worked hard like many immigrant I learned from them how important it is to persevere through difficult situations."

Taiwan authorities are planning to work with Canada to dismantle a Vancouver-based drug trafficking ring they say was run by a language tutor from BC.

When self-styled Lebanese billionaire Najem declared that he was donating US 275 million for cancer research in Malaysia, the alarm bells started ringing in Winnipeg.

Ruby Chang; Age: 20; Ethnicity: Taiwanese; Astrological sign: Gemini; Currently studying: Interactive Arts & Technology

Sappani can compare his new country with the one he left behind. Everything from climate to food, to clothing is different. Including financial planning.

"My mother knew her story," said the Port Moody actress, who is playing the star role in the CBC production, a film loosely based on the life of Jaswinder Kaur.

It never fails to amaze how some in the Press, who claim to drive vehicles for social change hide behind the facade of freedom of speech when things go awry.

Title of occupation: Accounting Manager
Company Name: Miller Thomson LLP
SalaryRange: $35,000 to $160,000

My room mate introduced me to him and later exclaimed “you should have met him ages ago…he’s totally the male version of you!”

Lee Kuan Yew was reported yesterday to have said he plans to run for re-election in the city state's next parliamentary polls, but that they will be his last.


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