The bidding process for contracts to build the C$40 billion liquefied natural gas project in B.C has been cancelled

A plan to pursue the multimillion-dollar suit against Barrick Gold Corp is headed for the Canadian courts

Canada must rise up against the tide of populism which is enveloping the current global political landscape

The removal of India's largest two currency denominations has been met with controversy

Richmond establishment serves up some of the best tea in the entire Metro region

Twelve-year-old Richmond resident Elvin Allado has won a Gold Medal from The Royal Conservatory f

BC Children’s Hospital fundraiser focuses on urgently needed otolaryngology and respiratory medicine equipment

Luxury hotels and winery tourism pinching on California water shortages - will BC's wineries face the same problem one day?

Conservative MP wants to test immigrants for their beliefs as part of the immigration process

Majority of Canadians believe new immigrants should be tested on their knowledge of country

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Linda Jeffrey continue to butt heads over policy matters

Canada adheres' to strict rules when admitting new immigrants into the country

Donald Trump's aggressive foreign policy may not yield intended results 

President-Elect Trump's goals for immigration reform are skeptical at best

Added credit to people completing post-secondary schooling in country

This year's Gala took place on November 25th and at the Fairmont Hotel 

Coquitlam based restaurant serves up some of the best spicy pork in the area!

Creamy Earl Grey to help take the Winter doldrums away this December!

Recent fashion show kicks of holiday shopping season along 4th ave in Kitsilano

Seafood dumplings and exhilarating Szechuan! What else can a patron ask for?!