For non-Filipino men, marrying a Filipina is about to become a much harder process

In terms of education and salary, Filipinos are one of the most underpaid ethnic groups in Canada 

Once maligned, natural resources have once again emerged as a pivotal player in driving BC's economic growth

Annual festival attracted thousands of Vancouverites to downtown convention center

Annual event provides an opportunity to indulge in foods from an array of cultures 

This weeks excerpt compares homes of a similar size and value in both Colombo and Vancouver  

Doctors in Richmond are inviting residents to voice their opinions on the state of healthcare in the city

Local restaurant provides an array of alternative dishes to patrons throughout Lower Mainland 

Employers who have a need for foreign labour need to know the new rules of the game

Marui Bakery serves up an array of pasteries that are delicious and mouth watering 

Age: 22 (but forever21♥)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sign: Aries

Local Competition consisted of: talent, quiz and fashion shows

BC is currently facing labour and income inequality challenges

Final letter from ailing BC resident addresses issue of one's right to die


Recent Anime Convention provided an insight into 'alternative fashion'

New store launch provided perfect opportunity to observe fashion expose 

New play explores the impact of 80s youth culture in Edmonton

The nation’s finest luxury event rolls into Vancouver on September 6 and 7

The 1st Vancouver Comic Show was a major hit with vendors and guests